About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place.   Read to learn about our Crystal Enlightenment journey.

Our story

CRYSTAL ENLIGHTENMENT is the collaborative effort of three Australian gents, an artist, an electrician and a dreamer. From our workshop nestled between lush bush and wild Australian coastline, we craft exquisite semi-precious light sculptures from sustainably sourced, Australian native timbers and hand picked-gems from around the world.

No two lamps we make are the same. Each wooden lamp is a unique chi-producing piece of art. We embellish with natural crystals that bring warmth, beauty and loving Chi into your home.

Hit up our shop and tantalise your senses with our wares, made with love and passion. Or contact us now  to talk about making a custom treasure for you from scratch.

About Our Products

Sustainable Harvest

Timber used in each Luminaire is sustainably harvested on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia. For each dead tree harvested, 3 are planted in its place.

Premium Electronics

Premium electronics are used in our lamps to ensure quality light and a long life.


Premium Crystals

Only the best crystals are selected during creation for a premium product.

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